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Friday Night Kreb Race-July 30th Circuit Race

By Anonymous - Posted on 01 August 2010

The Green Arm Bandits were well represented at this Friday Night Kreb Cycle Race, consisting of members Craig, Karl, Owen, Rob, Percy, George, and Chris. The team agreed to race aggressively feeling that our best chance for a positive outcome was to position one or more of us in a successful break. Multiple attacks were covered or chased down by the field. This softened the group and allowed Owen to enter a selection of ~6 in the waning stages. Percy realized the opportunity and was successful in a valiant solo bridge effort. The break stayed away and resulted in placings for Owen and Percy, and a solid showing for the GAB's.

Kreb Cycle Friday Night Race from Percy Zahl on Vimeo.

Kreb Cycle Friday Night Race 2010/07/31, read more about it here:

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tech. notes:
-raw footage taken with VholdR HD 1280x720p @ 60fps, approx. 8GB/hour
-info: race time (hh:mm:ss), distance (km), speed (km/h), lap#, elevation (m), power** (W)

** Power estimated/computed from speed/elevation gain, assuming no drafting, means number is up to 30% too high if sitting in.

More pictures: